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    Presenting the best collection of oriental rugs, GalaxyTapis offers you a various choice, a choice of quality and authenticity.

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    Traditional rugs or contemporary style carpets, Kilims, Tapestries, a wealth of collection and variety of origins. Most insiders are mostly attracted by the beautiful collections of carpets and rugs collection of antiques.

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    In addition to selling carpet, GALAXY INTERNATIONAL also offers a repair and maintenance of your rugs, specializing particularly in repair of antique carpets, Oriental rugs and tapestries.

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GALAXY INTERNATIONAL has established itself as one of the largest Direct import of Oriental rugs handmade in Europe (several thousands of rugs in stock). This pioneering company is specialized in all the different origins of carpet. (Persian Carpet, China, India, Azerbaijan, Caucasus Rugs, Kazak, Pakistan, kilims, carpets and tapestries European contemporary rugs). The objective of Galaxytapis is to provide you an online store and direct sales from wholesalers, for individuals and also for professionals. Online marketing allows us to significantly reduce our selling prices due to the fact that we have more expenses related to the operation of a store.