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  • Azarbaijan rug
  • Indian rug

    The first Indian woolen carpets were made in the XVI century by the Mongols in the Punjab region. These fabrications were heavily influenced by Persian art. Unlike carpets from Iran whose motives vary from one region to another, the Indian carpet designs have relatively constant. Levels reach their artistic course not that of carpets from Iran, but they have in hand an essential quality: the quality / price. The main cities are producing Jaypoor, Agra, Varanasi and Amitsar. Silk carpets are the ones produced in the mountainous regions of Kashmir. They are easily recognizable either by their floral decorations with or without central medallions, either through their garden decorations, checkered repeating each containing ancient symbols. Their colors are also very characteristic, tones salmon, apricot and turquoise are often dominant. A wide selection of these rugs is available in Galaxy International.

  • China rug
  • Kazakestan rug

    Caucasian Kazak rugs are recognizable by their geometric designs and warm colors. Wallpaper gold, burgundy and blue nights are very frequent. They are fabricated on a cotton warp and a high knot density (from 300,000 to 400,000 knots / m²). These timeless classics are excellent The Kazak are among the largest carpets in the Caucase. The velvet and wool top is shiny. The frame is often dyedred, and the edge may be woven in different colors.

  • Pakistan rug

    In Pakistan, many workshops were created in order to produce in mass carpets for export purposes. The largest centers are Karachi and Lahore. Due to the low cost of labor and local export assistance granted by the government, the prices of these rugs remained low. These very fine rugs, (concentration ranging from 2000 to 4000 knots / dm ² in the case of wool and up to 8000 knots for work silk) lack originality as the decorations are taken to other regions. Currently, there is a lot of production in rugs that are known under the term "Silk", despite the fact that artificial silk is used. This may mislead the buyer and, of course, affect the apparent value of the merchandise.

  • Tibet rug

    Tibetan rugs are among the most prized of all carpets. Whole villages and families are involved in the art of Oriental rug design. A Tibetan rug may take up to 3,000 hours. They are made from the wool of sheep of the Himalayas, which is generally considered the best wool fiber for carpet due to its content in lanolin. Tibetan rugs are rustic designs and rich colors, with variations in wool texture and color that enhance the value and uniqueness of the finished products. It is known for their warm colors, the softness of their wool, simple Nepalese classic decor, and floral border.

  • Ziegler rug

    Ziegler is the name of a design rather than an actual city or tribe. Ziegler design rugs are sometimes known as Chubi rugs or Peshawar rugs. A German company based in Englan), Ziegler and Co. commissioned the development of the original Ziegler rugs back in 1883. Using leading designers and master weavers from Iran and Europe, Ziegler and Co. managed to create a design using softer palettes than those typically found in Iran. Ziegler rugs were designed with the western market in mind and fit perfectly into almost any home. Based on a softer version of the Sultanabad design their muted colours using vegetable dyes and simple, yet striking pattern fit well with modern neutral colour schemes and both contemporary or traditional furniture. Similar to Khal Mohammadi rugs, Zeiglers have re-introduced vegetable dyes back into Persian & Oriental weaving after the popular use of chemical dyes since the start of the 20th century. Although their knot count is not generally high (around 80-120 KPSI), the hand-spun Ghazni or Himalayan wool used is of high quality and the structure very durable. Ziegler rugs are possibly the most popular and sought after handmade rugs in the UK due to their gentle tones and softer patterns - there aren't many rooms that wouldn't be improved by a Ziegler rug.

  • Turk rug
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Showing 1 - 30 of 356 items