Konia, Turk



160 x 115 cm,

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Length 160
Width 114 cm
Color Beige,Bleu
Design Geometric, Multiple medallion
age 40 years
Origin Turkey
Manufacturing Knotted by hand
Velvet Wool
Chain Cotton
Knots by M² 1600000-1700000
Signature Anatoli

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The three regions of production in Turkey are in the west, center, and east of the country.
The rugs are produced in the West despite the fact that nomads are primarily in Eastern Turkey.

The major characteristics of the turc carpet are the following: symetrical knotting, a density ranging from standard sizing to a bigger size, from 600 to 1400 knotts per dm².

The warp and weft threads consist of wool carpet of nomadic tribes and villages. The frame is often dyed red but is also in brown and yellow.

The warp and weft of the rug city is made of cotton. Silk underscores the details in carpets of nomads and villages. Some cities are Silk: sometimes it is used only for the velvet.The colors and dyes are of the chromatic scale. Colors like purple, yellow, orange, green, and salmon are emblematic of the carpet. The purplish red is extracted from the cochineal, a type of insect.The most common have a dimension of 0.60 mx 1.20 m to 1.80 m to 2.75 m. Of these, we can find prayer carpets.

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Konia, Turk

Konia, Turk

160 x 115 cm,

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